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If you're currently wearing any of these lenses from Optical Express, you can also find these here on Alensa. However, you will find them under a different name, as many high street opticians and optical shops, such as Optical Express, offer their own brands of lenses, which are simply repackaged, private label versions of brand-name lenses from trusted producers like CooperVision and Bausch & Lomb.

Buying brand-name lenses instead of their high street alternatives allows you to comparison shop for the best deals without being tied to monthly contracts and other conditions from opticians that can be costly and inconvenient.

Katso allaolevasta taulukosta Instru Optiikka -tuotenimi piilolinssejä ja niiden vaihtoehto:

Instru Optiikka piilolinssit Vaihtoehtoinen nimi Valmistaja
iWear DD Basic Biomedics 1 Day Extra CooperVision
iWear DD Comfort Dailies AquaComfort Plus Alcon
iWear DD Supreme Clear 1-Day ClearLab
iWear DD Supreme XX MyDay daily disposable CooperVision
iWear DR Comfort Biomedics 55 Evolution Coopervision
iWear DR Comfort Toric Biomedics Toric CooperVision
iWear Premier Proclear Sphere CooperVision
iWear XR Comfort Air Optix Aqua Alcon
iWear XR Supreme {{getItemLinkPa­rams:396,Biofi­nity} Alcon
iWear DD Supreme Plus Focus Dailies CooperVision

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